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Blending corporate giving with employee well-being 


The Process

Employer groups that provide an annual gift to a nonprofit simply ask their nonprofit if they're like to create a challenge. If so, Benefits Optimization provides the nonprofit with a free 5-member team. The nonprofit then uses the donor's normal gift to allow the donors employees to enroll in the challenge. This provides the employer group with a great 10-week wellness program at no additional cost!

Benefits Optimization works with the nonprofit to recruit their other donors to participate by utilizing their gifts to join with 10, 25, 50, or 100 employee bundles. "Individual" donors also can participate on their own, as a two person Buddy-Up team, or create their own 5-member team.

The Enrollment

Participating corporate donors receive a company code that their employees use to self-enroll. Benefits Optimization provides the email recruitment template, the self-enrollment site, and the tools participants need to create a team, recruit sponsors, and document pledges. At the conclusion, Benefits Optimization sends an email to all sponsors summarizing the points the person they're sponsoring earned, their pledge per point, and their total commitment. The email includes a link to the nonprofits donation site. The nonprofit is also provided a list of the sponsors and their pledge amount in the event follow up if required.

The Fundraising

A single employer group with a 25-member bundle ($900) can likely raise over $4,000 in donations. Initiating a challenge on behalf of their nonprofit opens the door to other groups and individuals to join and drive donations. A single gift can start a tsunami of giving.

Ride the wave!

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