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Collaborate with donors


The Objective

The objective is to create a friendly wellness competition between the nonprofit and their corporate donors to see which organization can achieve the highest wellness score and win the 2024 Wellness Cup. During the 10-week event participants earn wellness points by doing a variety of healthy and educational activities. There are Individual, Buddy-Up, and 5-Member team competitions, grand prizes, group activities and more. There's also a way for individual donors to participate.

Note:  Challenges can be customized to reflect the nonprofit's specific population, cause, location(s), beliefs, educational content, and activities. The challenge is designed to integrate other events the nonprofit may be engaged in.

The goal is to optimize the financial impact of the donors gift by using it to enroll the donor's employees in the challenge. The fundraising happens when employees recruit friends and family to pledge 1, 2 or 5 cents for every wellness point they earn over the 10-week event. There are over 5,300 possible points available.

The best thing is that there is no cost to the nonprofit! Benefits Optimization provides them with a free 5-member team. All they they need to do is asks they regular donors if they'd like to have their employees participate in a very cool 10-week event. After that, Benefits Optimization manages the entire event, from recruitment to the awards ceremony!

Example: Traditional Giving

A corporate donor annually provides a $1,000 donation. The nonprofit benefits $1,000. The donor gets the satisfaction of knowing they are helping a good cause, plus they receive a tax benefit.

Example: The Nonprofit Challenge

A corporate donor annually provides a $1,000 donation. The nonprofit uses the funds to enroll 25 of the donor's employees in the challenge. Employees understand that in addition to a wellness challenge, the event is also a fundraising event and they should recruit as many friends and family as possible to sponsor them.

If employees average just 4 sponsors at just 1 cent per point, and average 4,000 points (easy to do!) the results are

  • The nonprofit realizes a net benefit of $3,000 vs. $1,000

  • The donor realizes the same tax benefit

  • The donor has the satisfaction of knowing their $1,000 gift drove $4,000 in donations

  • The donor gets to have 25 employees participate in a great 10-week wellness experience at no cost

  • An additional 125 people (employees+sponsors) now know the good work the nonprofit does, and may continue to support them in the future. 

The Enrollment

Benefits Optimization provides the nonprofit with a free 5-member team. Each participating corporate donor receives a 6 character code their employees can use to self-enroll. We provide an email recruitment template, the self-enrollment site, and all the tools participants need to create teams, recruit sponsors, and the sponsor pledge site.

At the conclusion, Benefits Optimization sends an email to all sponsors summarizing the points the person they're sponsoring earned, their pledge per point, and their total commitment. The email includes a link to the nonprofit's donation site. The nonprofit is also provided a list of the sponsors and the individual pledge amounts in the event follow up if required.

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