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Carrying Big Gift Box

What's Included!

All participants have access to an amazing array of tools, technology, activities, and services that engage and inspire them to complete the challenge and drive optimal funding for their cause!  


The My Health Coach Now™ wellness portal and B-Fit Mobile smart app provide the customized  platform on which this "virtual yet local" event runs. Sync your devices, track your points, check-into events with these comprehensive engagement tools.  



Participants view short videos and take a 5-question quiz where they earn points for each correct answer. Content is tailored to each audience, enabling faith-based and other nonprofits to craft unique curriculum that articulates their message. 


Weekly Raffles

Every week there's a drawing for 1 or more* $50 Amazon gift cards. Every point a participant scores earns them an "electronic raffle ticket", so the more points they score the better chance of winning. 

* based on population size  



Meal Garden nutrition is included in the Challenge.  It's an easy to use, intuitive program that delivers nutrition education while enabling people to create healthy meals for themselves and family,  


Challenges & Competions

Participants join as individuals and can also be part of a 5-person team. There are trophies and grand prizes for both, as well as runners up prizes for the next 5 top scores. Rankings are based on total wellness points, and real-time standing available on the portal.  


Recruitment Tools

The point of the challenge is to drive donations to the cause, so we've included all the tools participants need to create or join a team, recruit sponsors, track their sponsors pledges, and engage each sponsor at the conclusion of the challenge to fulfill their pledge. 

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