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The Nonprofit Challenge is a unique 10-week event that blends well-being and fundraising. It enables nonprofits to raise significant donations in a short period of time while making optimal use of their donor's generosity. It engages, educates, and inspires people to be as fit as they can be physically, mentally, and financially.

During the challenge participants earn wellness points for doing a variety of health activities. These include  things like tracking steps, health club attendance, participating in group events, learning about healthy lifestyles and nutrition, and more. They compete for grand prizes, trophies, and rewards based on the number of points they earn.


In addition to being a comprehensive health and wellness event, it's also a fundraising tool because participants are expected to recruit friends and family to pledge to donate based on the total number of wellness points they earn. It's a fun, simple way for nonprofits to raise funding with minimal overhead and zero cost.

Targeted Solutions

Ways to participate


The Challenge is a great ways for nonprofits, large and small to work collaboratively with their donors. It maximizes the financial impact of their donations, it strengthen relationship, and promotes health and well-being in the community. 


The Challenge enables employer groups to maximize the impact of their generosity by 3, 4, possibly 5 fold without any additional cost, while at the same time getting a fantastic 10-week wellness experience for their employees for free. 


Individuals can help their cause by joining as an Individual, as a Buddy-Up two member team, or create a 5-member team. Then participate in a fun, comprehensive wellness event while driving donation to your cause.


The Nonprofit Challenge includes a variety of tools, services, and engagements that drive awareness, learning, and motivation. 


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